Lazy Man’s Dinner – ABC Soup

The ABC soup is the pinnacle of a lazy man’s meal. Do you know why the ABC soup is called ABC soup? Because making it is as easy as saying ABC.

I am not making up this story!

The problem is, to get a good flavorful soup, you need to boil it with a piece of bone, or 10 pieces. It can be chicken bones or pork bones. The bones act as some sort of booster, they help bring out the flavor of the other ingredients. Without bones, your soup will taste almost like tap water a.k.a tasteless.

The problem is, after the meal, you will need to find a separate plastic bag to dump the bones into, and then you need to dispose that bag immediately, or else the smell will develop overnight in your house. Not exactly the modus operandi of a lazy man.

So today, while nursing the wounds of my recent disaster, I will introduce to you a recipe for my fail-safe: a good flavorful ABC soup without having to use any bones. I discovered this by accident when making my soups in Colorado last year.


  • 1 x big US potato
  • 1 x carrot
  • 2 x tomatoes
  • onions (I don’t like handling onions, they make me cry for hours, so I’ll do without them)
  • 1/2 x chinese cabbage
  • some white mushrooms
  • secret weapon to replace bones
  • pepper
Bacon strips
Secret weapon = smoked bacon strips

My first attempt at making ABC soup without bones was when I discovered ABC soup without bones means tasteless soup. I brainstormed for a few hours on how to fix that problem, because I only shop for groceries in Walmart, and Walmart ain’t selling no pork bones. And even if they do, the bones are difficult to dispose of because I was staying in a hotel.

Gotta give the soup flavor boost without using any bones.. gotta give the soup flavor boost without using any bones.. gotta give the soup flavor boost without using any bones..

I was watching Epic Meal Time on Youtube when this idea struck me. Yes, bacon strips! That’s it!

The next day, I immediately went grocery shopping after work, and that night, my second ABC soup attempt in the US proved to be a success. Ever since that time, I have been using bacon strips for my ABC soup attempts even after I came back to Malaysia.


  1. Wash and cut potato, carrot, and tomatoes.
  2. Set a big pot of water to boil.
  3. Dump all cut up ingredients into pot.
  4. Add 2 pieces of bacon strips into the pot. You do not want more than that, otherwise the smokey bacon flavor will overwhelm the soup!
  5. Take the strips out after 1 minute. You still want to eat the strips later, so you do not want to overcook them, 1 minute is enough for the strips’ flavor to soak into the soup!
  6. Set to medium heat (150 deg C on induction cooker) and let boil for at least 1 hour, the longer the better. Some pussies will set low heat for 1.5 hours, not for me. Higher heat will make the ingredients cook faster and go all mushy, but the flavor will be greater!
  7. While waiting, wash and cut up chinese cabbage and white mushrooms.
  8. Cut up the strips into bite size.
  9. Add the cabbage, shrooms and the cooked strips into the soup 5 minutes before serving. These stuff do not serve to add flavor, they just add texture and variety when you eat.
  10. Sprinkle lots of pepper and serve.

ABC Soup ABC Soup ABC Soup ABC Soup

No bones = no trouble to clean up, and no additional usage of plastic bags. Eco friendly.

And, when you have this soup, you don’t need to cook any other dish, because all the ingredients is already in here. Just need a pot of rice to go with this. This portion serves 2 adults.

Or in my case, don’t even need the rice. Carb free.

ABC Soup
And the soup still tastes awesome!

Did you notice me mention Epic Meal Time just now? Love that show, or at least their earlier videos, when Muscles Glasses were still hanging around. My 2 personal favorites:

Yeah yeah I know, it’s fattening, it’s gross, but that’s sort of the point. It’s too unhealthy for us to eat them ourselves, so let’s watch other people eat! Bacon strips rocks!


  1. looks good..summore got white mushroom in it…the bacon must be very flavorful as well…
    The epic meal time video is really gross…I called those crazy ppl wasting food!

    • They said in a TV show, they will give those food away to people after making the video, so none of the food goes to waste (Not sure how true it is anyway), the thing is, health conscious meat lovers like me, since we value our health too much to create those monstrous delicacy by ourselves, we just have fun watching someone else create it and show it to us 😛

  2. I’ve always wondered why they call this ABC soup (now I know why lah). When I was young, my mom bought those canned soup with ABC pastas. THAT is ABC soup to me. And then I grow up and see ppl calling this soup ABC soup. My childhood is ruined! 😛

  3. wah, nice ABC soup, i like that especially when you added in the bacon and white mushrooms!! looks good leh.. but not totally carb-free because the potatoes are carb-ful~~ haha!! 😀

  4. Ooohh, ABC soup can never go wrong in princess’s house.. I always boil ABC soup.. I use the soup for G’s porridge and also making noodles for Kz.. Simple, nutritious and healthy.. But mine no bacon so “hou liew” like you la.. I put in assorted balls only for Kz, coz he likes, and I know too much is not good..

    • It’s the same la in terms of effort, both bacon and assorted balls, same no bones, just throw them in, and then eat. And both also too much no good.

  5. Using bacon for ABC soup, I can give it a try. I love to cook ABC soup all the time for my kids. Even myself I’ll cook ABC porridge for myself – that will be my lunch during working days.

  6. Your abc soup is very flavourful. I beg to differ. Without meat nor bones but with enough vegetables the vegetarian abc soup will have the natural sweetness of vegetable goodness. Very tasty too.

      • Why? Your grandmother was a die-hard meat lover? Oops, sorry, no disrespect to your late grandmother. After I wrote that, I reread it and it looks pun-ny. I don’t mean to be pun-ny.

        • It’s ok 🙂
          She’s more of a pork lover, and by pork, I mean mostly fatty pork. And if you give her vegetarian soup, she will not only dislike the taste, she will assume you are stingy, because it shows you cannot afford meat / don’t want to pay for the meat for her. You know, old people mindset..

  7. Oh??? So that is why it is thus called. I wonder how come they call it like that when it is nothing like the western-style alphabet soup – that has pasta inside shaped in the form of the letters of the alphabet.

  8. I also wonder why is it called ABC soup? Hehe! But I sure like this soup, pack with vitamins! To me, I don’t mind if it doesn’t has any meat, just pure vegetables will do 😉

    • No meat = no taste. I learnt that the hard way. The first time I boiled meatless ABC soup was in the US, I invited fellow Malaysian colleagues over, I boiled the soup for 2.5 hours with carrots, potatoes, onions and tomatoes, boil until the potatoes were totally gone. But it is still like drinking plain water. End up need to add lots of salt and pepper >.<

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