Kuay Teow Th’ng @ Sg Nibong, Penang

Here’s a picture of the kuay teow th’ng that I love the most in Penang.

Kuay Teow Th'ng Sg Nibong
Kuay Teow Th’ng @ Sungai Nibong

I never really cared to check the kopitiam‘s (coffee shop) name, I think it is called Sri Nibong. It is within walking distance from the bus terminal.

Location Map
Half hearted location map

The toasted bread here is equally famous. I think both the kuay teow th’ng and toasted bread has been featured by non other than 8TV’s Ho Chak foodie program many many years ago. They have that Ho Chak sticker pasted on their stall. Too bad I could not get my hands on the bread today, because I went there quite late.

I don’t think this is authentic Penang style kuay teow th’ng, the authentic ones uses duck meat and pork blood as part of their ingredients. This one uses minced pork, fish balls, prawns, an egg, and a couple pieces of pork liver. But I love it. Slightly expensive as Penang hawker food goes though, RM 5 for a Big sized portion.

[Kuay Teow = flat rice noodles, in Thailand they call it Kuatiau (I’m guessing, from all those Thai imported instant noodles packaging), in Hong Kong they call it Hor Fun (as in, stir fried beef hor fun), in China they call it Shahe Fen 沙河粉. Th’ng = soup. So basically kuay teow th’ng means flat rice noodles in soup.)


  1. first time I see kuey teow th’ng got egg…
    looks tempting…and guess what? I’m so hungry looking at this pic and I haven’t dinner yet!

  2. I think I know this place! My son used to take me there whenever I dropped by to visit him last time when he studied in INTI… Near the bus station and it is a corner coffeeshop, right? Got burgers there too… we used to order them while waiting for the noodles.. 🙂

  3. I love Penang kway teow th’ng! Yum yummmm!!! For one thing, the kway teow’s much nicer than ours here, very fine and smooth…and I love anything in clear soup! Do I see two eggs? One yolk broken, the other still ok?

  4. Wow, special dedication to STP. I would borrow a phrase from STP and say no thank you because of the egg that looks raw to me and I am not a fan of minced pork.

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