KrisFlyer Miles

I have as of now, 70,015 KrisFlyer miles. 8,800 of them will expire in 2 months time, unless I spend 1,200 miles extending them.

On a whim, I tried to experiment how far I can get a return ticket with these points. Well, it seems that,

KrisFlyer miles

I wonder if this is a sign from God Singapore Airlines…

Of course, I could always ditch this and redeem these miles in different ways. For example,

Krisflyer miles
I could redeem 4 return tickets to fly from KL to Singapore, go with my family maybe…


Krisflyer miles
I can redeem a pair of tickets to somewhere slightly further…

and then post a job ad on Jobstreet or Mudah with the title “My Girlfriend (1 year contract)” with the salary of “1x Free Trip to Hong Kong / Taiwan“…



  1. Last time I got a free pair of tickets from London to Copenhagen from my spouse flying points and a few free tickets to Singapore and Taiwan. Must not waste them. Have to use them for free flights.

  2. I vote Barcelona! Free flight tickets to and fro! Good deal. Get your ang moh friend to meet you there. 🙂

    • Hahaha, you know what I am thinking! This is what I prefer, but also the most tedious to plan and execute. I will see what I can come up with in this 1.5 months.

        • I’ll see what I can come up with 😉 . This “bucket list” term is another word that begin to haunt me. I first read it in one of Low Kay Hwa’s novels, after that everywhere I go, the many blogs I read, all make use of this term. I need to figure out why it is called bucket list as opposed to, wish list, or map list, or even jar list :/

      • I tell you why. “Kick the bucket” means to die. So bucket is used to refer to death. So bucket list means list to do before you kick the bucket. Now let me google to see whether I am right or not. There is a movie starring morgan freeman called “bucket list”.

      • Yes urban dictionary says that I am correct. The origins of the idiom “kick the bucket” is interesting. Do look it up on wiki if you are interested. That’s why bucket is used instead of jars and whatnots.

  3. I don’t travel at all save for one trip early this year. So I would never be able to collect these kind of points. The Singapore or HK trip end of this year seem doable. You like to travel solo right? Unless someone takes up that job 🙂

    • That’s why I’m itching with the Barcelona option. As Princess Ribbon just highlighted, girls nowadays not so easy to please 🙁

  4. I’m an Enrich member – just got a free one-way ticket to Kuching that day (came back by road with a friend). I don’t have that many points anymore these days as I don;t fly as much as I used to on my working trips when I used to travel. Enrich allows members to buy stuff from their in-flight catalogue using those points – I wonder if Kris allows the same. Good for people who just can’t get way and their points are expiring.

    • Yeah, my points all come for work travels, all 6 years of it. My company wants us to fly exclusively on MAS or SQ (preferred airlines), even when going to JB, we still take SilkAir to Changi and then get our CM to arrange pickup for re-entry to JB 😀

  5. Not a frequent flyer/traveller, so I never redeem any points.. Haha, you so funny ahh, posting an ad on gf for a year+1 free trip to HK, puh-leeese, you think KL girls nowadays so easy to please ga? Ok, kidding, maybe you can try doing la, and see what replies you get, teehee..

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