Delicious Food, Adieu…

After this episode, I went to a hospital and got a blood test for peace of mind. Better be sure than sorry later, right? So I got my report on Friday, it confirmed the clinic’s doctor diagnosis. The health screening center directed me to the resident orthopedic surgeon who insisted that my condition is “chronic” and I be put on uric acid pills immediately.

Yeah. Thanks, but.. no thanks… I thanked the surgeon and went back to the clinic for a 2nd opinion. The clinic’s doctor was worried that the level is too high, and that I have to immediately get the level down or there will be high risk of other troubles sooner than later. He agreed that the pills should be the last resort though, because once you start with the pills, it will be a lifetime thing.

So, his prescription? No animal organs, red meat, raw fish and beans for 3 months. At the same time, eat more berries, tomatoes, grapes, cabbage and broccoli. And the apple cider vinegar. After 3 months, get another blood test, if my uric acid level remains high, then I am a hopeless asshole and deserve to be put on lifetime servitude of the pills.

Kiss goodbye to pig innards soup 猪什汤, steak, bacon strips, McDonalds and sashimi for the time being, adieu!

And you probably won’t be seeing me blogging about sinful food for some time…

To make matters easier for me, I think I have to blog about a few of those unhealthy but delicious food, and then purge all their photos from my laptop immediately, lest they remain there to tempt me.

Roti Planta

This delicacy is inspired by the Indians in Malaysia. I usually have this as breakfast on the morning that I am supposed to drive back to KL, or sometimes as supper when watching live footie. Roti canai is too bland, and I don’t like roti telur, the eggy texture doesn’t match with roti canai in my opinion.

Roti planta is margarine infused roti canai. They are usually served in 2 or 3 different curry sauces. The dhal (beans), fish and sometimes chicken. The taste is excellent. Coupled with a glass of iced coffee, heaven!

Roti Planta
Roti Planta + Kopi Ais (Iced Coffee)
Roti Planta
Tear it into pieces, and soak into the sauceeeeeee

For the international readers, I would like to point out one thing that the travel bloggers always got wrong. They would always blog about “coming to Malaysia and having the Rotee which is a type of toasted flat bread.

So so wrong, mates. Roti (not Rotee, no dragging eee) means bread. Not toasted flat bread. Just bread. The Rotee that you guys refer to is called Roti Canai (pronounced Cha-Nigh). That would translate to toasted flat bread.

I suppose I can understand how you guys are confused though. You see, roti canai is the basic version. Over the years, this dish has evolved, where people started to infuse other ingredients into this flat bread. Nowadays we have egg (telur) infused roti canai, margarine (Planta brand) infused roti canai, roti canai with banana (pisang) inside, roti canai with onions (bawang) inside, and so on. The variation is limitless. But Malaysians are a lazy bunch. We are lazy to even call our food by the full name. For example, roti canai telur and roti canai planta seems too long to pronounce, so we removed the word canai, and call them roti telur and roti planta instead.

You need to get this right, because if you go to any non-Indian food establishments and order a Roti, you will get toasted bread that you are familiar with, and be disappointed.


One of the perks of working in an MNC is that, our in-house cafeteria sells food during tea time (3-4PM). I come here on an average of once a week, when I feel overwhelmed with work and cannot think straight anymore. My favorite snack used to be the made-to-order waffles, but the cafeteria management decided to stop that line some time ago. Bloody bastards!

This is my next favorite snack. Pasembur, another Indian delicacy. Deep fried prawn fritters, deep fried tofu, deep fried some other stuff, with some cucumber and a hard boiled egg. Top it off with some peanut based delicious sauce.


Yes, there’s no meat in this dish, it is supposed to be healthy. But don’t forget, the major ingredient of this dish is deep fried stuff. Oily. Having it sporadically will make you feel heavenly. Having it frequently will send you straight to heaven (or hell, if you are a bad person).

Ric’s Oink Oink Burger

In the old days, if we want a fast food pork patty burger, we need to travel to Thailand. In the past few years though, there have been many small scale pork burger joints opening shop and doing business. There’s a few of them in Penang. I’ve tasted most of them. Ric’s Burger is my favorite.

They don’t have an extensive menu. They only have the Oink Oink Burger, with different additional toppings as option. Extra patty, bacon, egg, cheese, or extra all of it. Comes with home made fries and fresh lemonade.

Ric's Burger

You should know that I’m a pork guy. I probably got takeaway from this shop more often than is healthily acceptable. They are that delicious! The patty is super crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside! And their fries are so crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside!

Have to kiss them goodbye too for the time being. Sighzzz…

Okay, I’m done for now. Time to delete these photos from my laptop.

Oh by the way, Happy 57th Birthday Malaysia! Selamat Hari Merdeka 2014! 😀


  1. Too high uric acid may lead to gout.. that was what my late husband was suffering last time.. he was 37… so painful that he couldn’t even walk properly… yes, stay off red meat such as beef/steak.. and seafood.. eat more greens.. well, what to do.. for at least 3 months? Very fast time flies one.. then if your uric acid goes back to normal, then you can eat moderately, right? If not mistaken, you are a young man of 30s? Can go for more exercise if we want to enjoy sinful food.. hahaha.. I really don’t understand why unhealthy food always taste so good!!!

    • Close to 30*. I actually had a severe gout attack few weeks back, much better now after some anti inflammation pills. But seems like there is some slight background pain that will not go away. I think when the pain goes away completely, it is indication that my uric acid level is down 🙂

    • I hope so too, gotta avoid the pills at all cost, so I have to prove to the doc that I can just depend on dietary plan to control.

  2. The Oink Oink burger looks and sounds amazing – and I love the name! Sorry to hear you can’t eat any of this for the time being, but hope you’re feeling better soon 🙂

    • Gotta love these names! There’s another burger joint just down the street, they call their burger The Cock, and their jumbo sized burger The Bison 😀
      I am feeling better physically, now I need to make sure my blood feels better too, thanks for the well wishing 😉

  3. Haha, I always got annoyed when I worked in this Indian restaurant back in the day. Even the manager who was Indian (but born in Australia) would pronounce it Row-Tee and it just sounded so strange! Lol.

    How’ve you been anyway matey? 🙂



  4. Did you have episodes with gout? Because usually this is what happens when the uric acid is high. I had issues with this in the past, and yes, red meat is one of the things that can trigger it. I have had several health issues and still have some, except I am on a prescription of Allopurinol which works to prevent gout. I also have only one kidney since the age of 4 (I am 57 now). The doctor gave you some good advice. I hope that your health improves and that you follow what the doctor recommended, and that it helps you! You have a very nice blog. Warm greetings from Montreal, Canada.

    • Thanks for dropping by 😉 !
      Wow, you’ve had it rough since early childhood. I suppose at 4, you don’t really have much of a choice other than taking whatever is prescribed to you. I hope your life is not compromised because of this.
      I’ve just recently had a gout attack, but that’s been cleared for the moment. If my uric acid remains high, they will probably come back sooner than later. Will definitely watch out on my diet.

      • Fortunately I haven’t needed to take any medication until I was in my 40’s, and the kidney they removed when I was 4 because it was bad, not functioning, and if they did not remove it I would have died. The allopurinol is very effective for gout, as it prevents episodes. Take care of yourself and thank you so much for your return visit and comment on my blog, you are welcome anytime!

  5. Sorry but need to ask this – the report shows you have high uric acid in blood or in urine? If low level in urine and high level in blood, it means a different thing than high readings in both. I support you to try to control this through your food intake rather than taking medications.

    I think roti canai and pasembor should be ok since only carb and fat mah, no protein, you just need to avoid food that is high in move purines but you still need some protein in your diet. Hope your level goes down soon so that you can eat moderately again.

    • Huh? They took my blood and urine, but report only specify 1 uric acid level wor. It’s under Haematology, so I guess it is in blood. The urine test part only show pH (within range) and a bunch of stuff, all Negative. Nothing to be concerned of there apparently.
      The doctor still thinks my mishap with the vinegar in the first place is the culprit, as long as I bring down the uric acid to an acceptable level, I should probably be fine for the rest of my life having normal food again. But need to get it done as quickly as possible, so this 3 months must be a bit extreme in my diet.
      If I follow what the internet says, 10 websites say 10 different things. There’s no way to avoid purine in your diet, the key is eat food that is alkaline in nature, and high fiber. Generally vegetables, white meat (chicken) and white fish is alright. Doc warned me against deep fried food from outside. Most of them reuse the oil, reheat after reheat after reheat. These oil are highly acidic and toxic. Bad not just for uric acid but for health in general.

      • Thanks for your reply! Guess they just measure the level in your blood and not your urine since the uric acid test for urine is done over 24 hours (all urine for 24 hours so that’s a lot of urine).

        Of course, can’t avoid purine totally. Just food that has high high purine. All the best! Steamed hicken meat and fish meat tastes very good too!

        • Hahaha yeah, I’m quite used to it by now. I have been repeating that 2 recipes for the past 2 weeks now 😀

  6. Everything in moderation, that should be fine. You’re not getting gout attacks, right? They say boil pandan leaves and drink the water. There are other natural remedies as well – try juicing to detox.

    Watch out all protein intake – meat, eggs, fish, beans…including soya products, soya bean milk, taugeh…all! All your examples seem pretty ok, except maybe the burger.

    • The gout is healed, so I’m basically fine physically now. I’m putting lemon slices into my water, it is supposed to be a good method too. Definitely go for natural remedies. Say no to the pills at all costs!

    • Thanks 😉 . I’m fine, just need to control my diet for now. Your snacks dinners will not be okay for me though 😀

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