Apple Cider Vinegar

I woke up on Sunday, instantly feeling something was wrong. My left leg was in acute pain as I moved to sit up. And then I tried to stand up and immediately fell back butt first onto the bed. It felt like the joint between my knee and foot was broken.

I sat in the bed for 10 minutes, painstakingly massaging that joint and panicking that something seriously wrong has happened. Thankfully, the pain became bearable and I was able to stand up and make my way to the kitchen and bathroom, in a combination of hobbling and hopping on my right leg.

So I hobbled my way to my car and drove to the nearest clinic, which is thankfully on the same row of houses as the one I am staying in. Thinking back now, I should be extremely grateful that the pain happened on my left leg instead of right leg, otherwise I wouldn’t even be able to drive!

Anyway, I got into the clinic, and was called in by the doctor shortly after registering at the front desk. The doctor inquired about my condition and whether it is the first time I felt this, confirmed that I had not kicked on anything the other day, and then checked to confirm that the pain was indeed on the joint. Below is an extract of my conversation with the doctor after all the checkings:

Doctor: 有没有喝那些水果醋?Have you been drinking those fruit vinegar?

Me: 有在喝 apple cider vinegar。Yes, I have been drinking apple cider vinegar.

Doctor: 是不是每天喝?Are you drinking it daily?

Me: 是。Yes.

Doctor: 是不是这几天突然间没有喝?Have you stopped drinking it this past couple of days?

Me: 做莫你会知道的?How do you know that?

Doctor: 因为你不是第一个这样拐着拐着过来看我的!我看你应该尿酸突然飙高所以才会脚痛!Because you’re not the first person who hobbled his way to see me! I believe it should be your high uric acid level that is causing your leg to be in pain!

I have indeed been drinking this organic thing since a couple months back. My mom introduced it to me as something very good for lowering cholesterol level and uric acid level. I have been having 2 tablespoons of it mixed with a tablespoon of raw organic honey in a glass of water every morning. And then, I ran out of it last week and had no time to go purchase more. I was playing semi host and semi tour guide, remember? To make matters worse, I have been indulging in fried and oily food for most of that week. I guess the effect exploded on Sunday.

Thinking back now, it is probably a blessing in disguise. If I have been hobbling while playing tour guide, I don’t know whether my guest will freak out or not!

apple cider vinegar

According to the doctor, this vinegar is a very good organic concentrate, but it is also a very potent one. Only diabetic people are supposed to consume it on a daily basis because it can rapidly boost the detox system. Healthy people (like me, apparently) should only take it once a week as a health supplement. For my case, as well as his earlier and similar cases, when we consume it regularly, the body adapts to this foreign booster and stops working so hard to produce it’s own enzyme for detox.

Doctor: 要不你就长期喝下去不要间断,不然就减少你喝的次数,一个礼拜喝一次就好了 You either drink it continuously forever, or reduce the frequency of consumption, drink it once a week is good enough.

So, the doctor’s prescription:

flanil cream
Flanil cream – to heal the inflammation on my left foot

He did not give me any tablets for intake. His other prescription is for me to quickly go get my hands on a new supply of my vinegar, down two glasses of my usual dose, and see if my pain goes away by evening. If it does then I should have 1 week of meatless and oil-less diet and start working on gradually reducing my vinegar consumption. If it doesn’t then I should quickly get my ass to the hospital for further consultation.

So I hobbled my way to the nearest Jusco in Queensbay Mall to get another bottle of the vinegar, as well as vegetables and fruit supply for a week, and then went back home to follow the doctor’s instructions.

Thankfully, two glasses of vinegar, a round of the flanil cream and 3 hours nap later, the pain reduced dramatically and I was able to walk around quite alright, albeit with slight pain and a lot of soreness. I was even able to watch my beloved Arsenal trash Man $hitty 3-0 on live stream in relative comfort.

Today I was able to get to work fairly easily, with just an occasional slight hobble when executing difficult maneuvers that requires me to abruptly twist my leg a bit a.k.a avoiding assholes who do not want to stop or give way even when facing off with a hobbly person in a narrow corridor.

The doctor’s parting shot before I left his room:


Don’t follow everything that you see on Facebook, some of the foodstuff is beneficial for sick people, but if it is consumed by people that is not sick then it will be counter productive.


  1. Hope you feel very much better now. So what is your decision For the long term? To drink apple cider vinegar forever or cut down on meat permanently?

    • Yeah, much better today, thanks 🙂 . It’s not like I have been eating meat heavily all this while (contrary to what you see in my blog sometimes), the main problem according to the doctor is my body’s reliance to the vinegar for detox. So my long term plan is to gradually reduce drinking it until my body stops relying on it. I don’t think I will change my diet much, meat makes me happy 😀

    • High uric acid – saw something on Facebook about eating papaya, didn’t read for the details. Heard people say boil pandan leaves and drink the water. I put pandan leaves in the rice cooker when cooking rice.

      • That’s the point, don’t drink it regularly.
        Actually the most effective way to counter high uric acid is to change your diet: less red meat, more fiber. Red meat is the single biggest contributor to uric acid.

  2. That’s why sometimes those health conscious people are weaker than normal people. No pasal, cari pasal. I’ve never tried this apple cider vinegar but that day while I was shopping, a lady in front of me had a dozen bottles in her trolley. I wonder what does she use it for?

    • A dozen?? Either she’s got a big family or she uses them for something else. I heard it can be used to make natural air freshener or detergent or something like that.

  3. Oh, last time I also drink apple cider daily.. but stopped for a couple of years already… I feel my teeth become more “hollow” if drink daily.. but one thing is good.. it slims down my tummy! hahahaa.. but overall, I think it is good… so don’t drink every day? Maybe I should get a bottle too… to lower down my cholesterol…

    • I guess, drink moderately, because if you let your body get used to it, then one day you suddenly remove it, the body cannot cope with the loss of the “booster”. “Booster” is what sick people need, not healthy people. That’s what the doctor is saying.

  4. My colleague was complaining of not being to able to lift up his arm for a week, went to see a doctor, and the doctor also said he got high level of uric acid.. Cut down on beans and all, and advised to take apple cider vinegar too.. And more cherries! He had been taking the doctor’s medicine for a week, seemed ok, but now the pain is back after the medicine is finished.. Guess those were steroids to tahan the pain temporarily..

    • You mean the vinegar was the medicine, or the doctor separately give medicine? Whatever pills the doctor give are only painkillers, I don’t think they have any pills that can bring down uric acid and cholesterol level permanently.
      If really high level of uric acid, keep taking the vinegar for a long period is a good thing to do. It boost the body’s detox system to be able to dispose the toxins more quickly, and cut down on meat, meat is the biggest contributor to uric acid. After 2 or 3 months then can see the difference.

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