I Have Unexpected Readers

I was going back to my cubicle from the cafeteria after lunch today, just like other days.

By the way, I work in a big factory, and the factory has its own cafeteria. Inside the cafeteria there are different stalls selling Chinese, Malay, Indian, Vegetarian as well as Western cuisine. For those of you that has never set foot in a big factory / company… I know, it sounds awesome.

By the way, this was my lunch today:

Mixed Rice
This plate from the zhap fan / mixed rice stall, RM2.90 (vege/tofu/egg dish RM0.80 each, rice RM0.50)

By the way the company subsidizes us RM 2 for lunch per day for eating in. So I paid RM 0.90 (or US$0.28) for lunch. Before you make comments on the lack of meat on my lunch, it is not because I am moving towards the vegetarian path. My past few posts should have sufficiently proven the contrary. It is because the zhap fan stall charges RM 2 for a big piece of chicken bone. I ain’t no dog, so thanks but no thanks.

(For the non-Malaysians: Mixed Rice basically means you get a plate of rice, then there is a buffet selection of dishes for you to choose, you make your picks, and get charged based on what you picked up)

See, I get distracted again, enough of by the ways, back to the topic…

So I was walking back to my cubicle from the cafeteria, suddenly I heard a girl’s voice calling out: “Gunners!“. (Huh? Why would someone call out that name?) As far as I am aware of, only a handful of my colleagues know of, or read my blog. So I turned my head around in search of that voice.

A pregnant woman then approached me and said: “Hey, sorry, I don’t know your real name, I read your blog.” (What?!) I was racking my brains trying to remember if I know her. I don’t recognize her. Shit…

And then: “Can you tell me where is Danau room? Your office is in Building D right? Do you know that room?” (??!!) Why would she know which building my office is in?? Am I being stalked?? But she’s a pregnant woman, that means she’s married, right? Why would she even stalk me, right?

By the way the factory I work in has 8 buildings, ABCDEFGH and has about 50 small offices in it, maybe more.

I didn’t know what else to say, so I pointed her in the right direction, and then continued back to my cubicle in a confused state of mind. I forgot to ask her name. I am still confused as of now, to be honest.

[ Miss Going-to-Danau-room, if you are reading this, would you mind leaving me a comment so that I know who you are? It is nice to know my readers personally, you know? If you are shy, you can scroll to the bottom and Like my Facebook page, then leave me a message. I would greatly appreciate that 😉 . ]

Which reminds me of, this is actually not the first time I encounter an unexpected reader of my blog. A few years back, when I was still on blogspot.com, there was once when I was walking from a coffee shop to my car after lunch with a few friends, with an umbrella in hand. It was raining.

Suddenly a girl tapped me on the back, and asked if she can borrow my umbrella for a few minutes. She’s quite pretty. I’m a nice guy, so I just passed the umbrella to her without thinking too much about it, then stood there and waited for her to come back. I can’t really remember the details, I think she had some friends with her, but I do remember that she really came back a few minutes later. When she returned the umbrella to me, she said: “Thanks! And nice blog, by the way!“, and walked off.

I was shocked. Who is this girl?? A few hours later, I found out that she was a friend of another blogger who followed my blog, so she read my blog as well. I added her in Facebook after that.

She’s still in my Facebook friend list today. She’s happily married now, with kids. Maybe she’ll leave a comment if she sees this post.


  1. Wow wow wow. Big gun now, being recognised by a pregnant lady. I always hear jokes on how guys freezed when a pregnant lady calls out to them. You know like Michael Jackson always say, “Billie Jean is not my son… ” 😛

  2. It is nice that people are recognising your work isn’t it but being recognise in a company also means that you will probably have to be careful with what you say after all, you may accidentally write about some unpleasant stuff at work….

    • I used to worry about anonymity at work, but not anymore. I figured as long as I am not naming names and revealing confidential stuff, it should be fine if I sometimes blog about stuff to release steam. Of course it helps that my blog is not really that popular.

  3. I know the nice feeling to be known by silent readers at unexpected places.
    I had my share too. While she called you Gunners, this blogger SK called me GRANDMA inside the Celebrity Fitness gym. OMG! I would have shot him with a rifle.
    Until today several silent readers still email their comments and opinion instead because they are shy to post them in my blog. This is really good motivation for me.

    • Grandma?? You’re in a gym, you can always use the dumbbell!
      I have yet to receive silent emails, not that level yet. Apart from these rare unexpected encounters, I usually just get random comments from my friends over lunch or dinner about what I’ve written in the blog. And my mom who one day said: “you should stop using the F word so much in your website!”. Yes, my mom reads my blog…

  4. wah, you are famous in your company. Soon the word will spread and your bosses will read your blog, hehehe! 🙂

    • Actually a couple of the managers are in my FB friend list. I wouldn’t be surprised if they do come across my blog. I’m not so sure about the famous part, though..

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