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I finally did it. I finally paid up and got rid of the [.blogspot] from my blog URL. As the wise old men said, it is time to set aside childish things. The [.blogspot] does sound kind of childish. I originally wanted, but some unknown moron decided to register it before me. And to add further insult into the gashing wound, he did not use it.

Bloody hell. And I do not want a .net or .co or .org for that matter, so after a very thorough deliberation of 30 seconds, I decided to drop the s and go for instead. And for the record, if I ever find out which punk stole my website, I will definitely seriously consider hiring The Sopranos and beat the sh*t out of him with a hammer. For those of you who are new to me, you might be wondering, why this domain name? Well, here’s a chronological explanation of how I came about it:

  1. I used to play Counter Strike as a high school kid. We use all sorts of weird and wacky screen names. One of my friend came up with the name Real Prankster. That name was kind of catchy and stayed with my mind.
  2. I can’t remember since when that I became an Arsenal fan. It was the time when Arsenal’s original Judas who goes by the name of Nicolas Anelka was still playing for us. I was hooked with us fighting the then mighty Manchester United for the English Premier League title. Well the Arsenal call themselves the Gunners.
  3. I did a sort of mashup between #1 and #2, and RealGunners was born. I have been using it as my online alias for more than 10 years now, I reckon.
  4. I wanted a domain that identifies me. Can’t really use my real name can I? or , both sound horrendous to me. sounds nice and neat, I think.
  5. Unfortunately was stolen, so I decided to go with After all, the Gunners is a bunch of people, I am one person, so I am a Gunner. Sounds legit.

So there you have it.


    • LOL, 咸丰年前的事.. super old story, I haven’t played it for more than 10 years now I think..

    • Thanks. I did take a long time to come to this decision. But once I made the splurge, it felt good. After all the cost is equivalent to one Starbucks Iced Green Tea Latte per month.

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