Loh Bak @ Tan Jetty

You know how we sometimes want to go try out something new, but the plan never materialized, and when it eventually happened, it happened randomly? This is one such occasion.

Every time I was in a car with some Penangite friends and we passed by the clan jetties, they would say: “Eh you know, there is a very famous Loh Bak somewhere here. Let’s come here some day, ok?“… 6 years on and that some day has still not occurred.

Then today my lunch mate decided that she wanted to buy train tickets to Hua Hin (Thailand) for the coming Hari Raya holidays, so we went all the way to the KTM office at the ferry terminal. And then we spontaneously decided to go check this loh bak place out.

(Loh Bak 卤肉 basically translates to marinated pork. What it actually is: minced pork marinated in five spice powder 五香粉, rolled inside beancurd skin, and deep fried)

Now when we talk about the clan jetties, people usually only think about the most famous Chew Jetty 姓周桥, thanks to Agu’s movie Ice Kacang Puppy Love , and Ernest Zacharevic‘s paintings. In fact, the clan jetties are made up of 7 different jetties in the same area.

This famous loh bak place is located on less famous Tan Jetty 姓陈桥. If you walk from the ferry terminal, it is after the Chew Jetty. Once you reached the Tan Jetty junction, you have to go in for a bit. The loh bak stall is located in the backyard of a house.

The loh bak stall itself has no tables and chairs to cater for dine in, but you can order it and carry the plate to the mini food court facing the road. The food court has an offering of char kuay teow, laksa and cendol as well. The char kuay teow here is decent too. The plate of loh bak in the photo cost RM 5, the char kuay teow RM 4.

I’m sorry for the low quality photos, they were taken with my phone under the hot sun. You don’t expect me to carry a camera around for a random lunch escapade on a working day, do you? 😉


  1. The pictures are not bad ma.. nowadays I also don’t carry my camera anymore.. all taken with my hp only…
    I haven’t tried this lobak before but been to the jetty once… the lobak looks good!

  2. No worries about the photos. They are clear enough. So what’s your opinion about the loh bak? The meat marinated just right or too strong? I am always interested in the price of the food so how much is the food here. The place looks interesting. I studied in Penang for 4 years but have never been to this place.

    • Omg I forgot to include the price. Let me edit the post. RM5 for the plate of loh bak, RM4 for the CKT. I think the loh bak is above average, crunchy and tasty enough, but cannot win the one in Super Tanker food court in Lip Sin. Super Tanker loh bak 9.9/10, this one 8/10 🙂

    • If it is not too oily, then it won’t be too crunchy and too yummy. These things are deep fried in a big wok full of oil 😉 . They sell this (or something similar) in Thailand and Vietnam too, but I suppose they go by other names.

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