Let’s Work It Out 练习爱情

I love this song. I have been setting it on repeat for the past 3 hours or so today. In fact when I first discovered this song few months ago, I had it on repeat for 3 days straight.

Let me tell you the 3 reasons why I love this song.

  1. Dawen is a living proof that if you persist in doing what you love with undying passion and devotion, success will find you. He started out as just another Youtube wannabe artist. You can check his old videos in his channel and see how much he evolved. He is now making it big in Taiwan and hopefully in Asia soon.
  2. Kimberley Chen is there. I love Kimberley. In fact anything related to Kimberley, I love. For me, K-pop = Kimbo-pop.
  3. Don’t you think the lyrics is damn true? In the journey of love, we are bound to make mistakes and piss each other off. As long as we take a step back and have more practice, and like the song title says, let’s work it out, everything will be fine.

Okay, I’ll be honest. It’s 95% reason #2, 4% reason #3 and 1% reason #1. Who cares about the guy anyway?


  1. Reading your previous posts.. Came across this one.. Oh I also like Kimberly, but I only listen to one song.. I don’t know mandarin (I found that song from Shazam apps when I was listening to it in the radio).. The one about mannequins and all in the MV, old song..

      • Yes yes yes! This one! Oh ya, am a banana, I don’t know Chinese, but I listen to Chinese stations when I’m driving, so I always standby my Shazam and Shazam the song if I like it..
        By the way, just to let you know I YouTube that “Let’s Work It Out” song yesterday in my phone after I read your post, to see if we have the same taste.. And guess what, I’m still listening to the song today 🙂
        Wana ask you, how to “convert” (whatever I like from YouTube) into MP3 in my phone?

        • I caught up with the tune later, initially I was more attracted to the cheesy lyrics 😀
          Last time with Windows XP, there is a software called Movie Maker. That thing can allow you to trim videos, and also split audio and video, then can save just the audio part into mp3. If you using Windows 7 or 8 like me, then too bad that thing no more. And it doesn’t work well with Youtube videos, Youtube videos are compressed so when you split, the audio is noisy..
          If you wanna download mp3, English songs http://www.beemp3.com is a good source, Chinese songs I also still searching, ever since Baidu got sued and closed down on international downloads 🙁

  2. You must love the song a lot to listen to it on repeat for so long. And you are honest enough to admit it is largely due to Kimberley. 🙂

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