Lazy Man’s Dinner – Macaroni Non-Bolognese

I just used up all my macaroni for this, so I think this will be the last of my macaroni disasters for the foreseeable future. Here’s disaster #1 and disaster #2.

Sometimes all I want is just a simple tomato sauce to go with my pasta, just like how the Italians love it. The problem is, the better quality pre-made tomato based pasta sauce that they sell in the supermarkets cost an arm and a leg most of the time. So to save some money, I sometimes prefer to make my own sauce. And when I do make my own sauce, I usually end up creating something that an Italian will shake his head at, or even worse, spit at it in anger.

If you ever see me mention that I am going to host Italian(s) for dinner, do remind me not to cook Italian food.

Since my recipe is so far off the orthodox version, instead of pasta bolognese, I shall call it pasta non-bolognese.


  • Pasta (in my case, macaroni)
  • Lots of frozen green peas
  • Couple of white mushrooms
  • 1 x Organic tomato
  • 1 x Smoked sausage
  • Extra virgin olive oil
  • Malaysian secret sauce

Pasta sauce ingredients


  1. Boil pasta.
  2. Rinse green peas.
  3. Cut up sausage and white mushrooms into small pieces.
  4. Cut tomato into pieces.
  5. Use spoon to scrape off the juicy seeded middle part of tomato into a bowl.
  6. Cut up the skin part of the tomato into small pieces.
  7. Squeeze the juicy seeded part of the tomato with hand (make sure your hand is clean!) to release all the juice. *I do this so that the juice will make the sauce later have stronger tomato taste.*
  8. Sieve and set the cooked pasta into the serving dish. Add a bit of the pasta water into the tomato juice.
  9. Re-use the same pot. Olive oil into the pot at medium heat, then all the ingredients (mushroom, sausage, peas, tomato) go into the pot for stir fry, 2 minutes.
  10. Add the tomato juice into the mix.
  11. Add a tablespoon of the Malaysian secret sauce into the mix. You can see a picture of that secret sauce below.
  12. Cook for another minute or two.
  13. Pour the mess onto pasta and serve.

Squeezed tomato juice
Pasta sauce

Cili padi sauce
Malaysian secret sauce – cili padi sauce, scientifically known as capsicum annuum, publicly known as Boss level chilli sauce.

Some thoughts on extra virgin olive oil. Most people I know who use olive oil, stock up on both extra virgin olive oil and refined olive oil, because they have been told that extra virgin olive oil is unsuitable for high heat applications like stir fry / saute. Not for me. I use only extra virgin olive oil. As long as you use a heat of lower than 200 degree Celsius, it is perfectly fine. Since I use the induction cooker, I just set the temperature to 150.

Here’s the end product. I might have cooked too much of the sauce…

Pasta non-bolognese
Macaroni Non-Bolognese



    • I use those smoked sausage from the non-halal corner, if put a lot, the cost will be like a Gordon Ramsay meal >.< , seldom buy those Nutriplus or Ayamas sausages, they have a lot of preservatives in it.

  1. If you are lazy, then I am lazy bum! hahahaa… I seldom cook, I think you already know that by the way I blog.. So considering so much ingredients on your meal, you are far from lazy… hahaha..

    • Win liao lo… *insert Mark Lee meme*
      I’m not comparing with you, I’m comparing with those Youtube videos, where they always say it is sooo soooooo easy to cook this cook that, and then proceed to do complicated stuff while cooking..

  2. I love macaroni char kway teow style but my daughter doesn’t. She thinks pasta should be served like pasta, with bolognese or whatever sauce – not so keen on the idea of fusion.

    • Tell her that pasta was invented by Marco Polo after being inspired by the noodles that he saw in China 😀 .

    • Of course! After all these years, I’ve learned to like my own cooking even when it is tasteless. It is whether others like it or not that I am not sure 😛

      • Ah, good then. If you like tasteless, then don’t bother to do so much, just steam every food like I do. The food won’t have taste like salty, spicy, but if the food is fresh, it will have its own natural taste which is tasty.

        • I wouldn’t say I like my food to be tasteless, it’s more like, I like my food despite it being tasteless.

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