Ladies Only Parking

I think I am far too detached from KL’s shopping mall scene. My sister was shocked that I was shocked to see this. Since when did KL become so sexist? Assigning all the parking spaces close to the lifts/escalator exits for ladies only.

Ladies Only Parking

The sister said it is for safety concerns. KL is getting more and more unsafe for females, with rape cases going on rampantly.

Well, yes, the concern is legit, we do want to keep the ladies safe.

What I don’t understand is, what will designating parking spaces alone do? This was taken inside Tropicana City Mall carpark. Besides designating parking spaces, I don’t see any increased number of CCTVs covering the area, nor do I see the presence of security guards patrolling the area. What is the point then?

I don’t know, but if I am a raper, I would see the designated Ladies Only parking spaces as my designated hunting ground. Why wait at other spots when I can wait at a spot with a full concentration of ladies to satisfy my carnal lusts?

I must be missing some point here…


  1. I am also shocked to know that you just discovered this ladies parking lots and have you noticed the female coaches of KTM? I was surprised to see hotels in Japan with special floors designated for ladies only with special tags to take elevator. Mostly the air stewardess would occupy those floors of the business hotels where you would also see many drunkards in the onsen spa at midnight. It made sense why they had to design special floors for ladies.

    • I guess I just haven’t been to the malls that much when I come back to KL until recently. Usually I just hang out at home, or yumcha with friends at Cheras Papparich. Totally detached from all the safety measures going on.

  2. Oh? For safety eh? I was thinking that would prevent any guy’s car being bumped into by a lady’s? 😛 Hmmmmm!!! What protection? They can come and wallop your car with a steering lock these days, don’t play-play! Hehehehehe!!!!

    • It’s not kidding matter leh.. My mom just received a Whatsapp voice recording from her friend yesterday, apparently when the friend got into her car in a mall, within 2 seconds a tall guy came and try to open her car door. Fortunately she already locked the door, and she was still calm enough to sound the horn to attract attention. It was a close call.

  3. This ladies parking is mandated by DBKL. You for it. It really is safer for ladies when implemented correctly. For example in Midvalley there ate more guards around the . ladies parking and more CCTVs for that area.

    In case you don’t know for ktm kommuter there is aladies only coach

    • I’ve been reading up online since coming back from the malls. Apparently there are some malls who do it properly (like MidValley as you mentioned), and some malls who just do cosmetic implementation of it (like TCM). And unsurprisingly, I am not the only one who thought that those cosmetic implementation is more dangerous than no implementation.
      Sigh… I didn’t realize KL has gotten this dangerous.. 🙁

  4. well I won’t know much about TCM’s safety (since I don’t see anyone guarding there plus there are tons of non-ladies who park in the area), but I really commend the ladies’ parking in Mid Valley. Maybe you should go visit MV sometime soon and see how it works

    • Somehow I didn’t pay much attention in the carpark when I parked at the Gardens 2 weeks ago.

  5. I saw this sign at Midvalley today.. This morning we went to MV for shoppibg.m Back by afternoon.. Very fast.. I think many shopping malls also have this Ladies Parking..

    • Yah, according to my sis, all the malls in KL have this now. I just don’t understand how it works to help ladies be safer.

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