I am Grocery King

I think I can call you the grocery king!“, she said to me.

Before you get carried away with “she”, “she” is a happily married woman who is going to expect a baby in a few months time. So, don’t jump to conclusions, there is nothing going on here. You see, the story goes like this:

A dear friend of mine came to Penang just now, she is supposed to be here for a week on working trip. She was taking that bus-with-aiplane-comfort Aeroline, so she asked me if I can pick her up in Queensbay Mall. I agreed, but I told her she had to wait for me to do my weekly grocery shopping first, since I always do my shopping in Jusco’s supermarket, and Jusco is inside Queensbay Mall.

Actually we also threw in a movie session, since she has nothing better to do today besides needing to check in to the hotel by evening. If you haven’t watched The Fault In Our Stars, please go and catch it in the cinema. It is a nice one, very different from your typical mega budget blockbuster movies. I thought it won’t make it to our shores since it premiered in the US on June, thank goodness I was wrong. Amsterdam is as awesome as I remember, I’m glad they featured that city sooo much.

Anyway, back to the point. So she was watching me picking things off the shelves and placing them into the cart without any consideration whatsoever. She was making snide remarks on how rich I am, buying things without even checking the price. I told her that I know my grocery, I usually buy the same things all the time, so there was no need for too much checking.

Then we proceeded to checkout. I stuffed all the stuff into my grocery bag. Then I paid by credit card. Then I signed on the credit card bill. Then we left. Somehow she thought that I did not do two very important steps. That I did not check the itemized bill to ensure the cashier scanned everything correctly. And she thought I did not even look at the price, I just signed on the bill!

“I did get a glance, it is RM 50-ish. I know my stuff should add up to RM 53, give or take a ringgit or two. It should be the correct price, so why bother?”

She was either too amazed or not convinced. When we reached my car, she proceeded to pour everything from my grocery bag out, and begin to cross check with the itemized bill. Crazy auntie. Does marriage bequeath females with the gift of obsessive compulsive disorder??

Grocery Receipt

(So now you see, this is what my typical 1 week’s worth of dinner consist of, and how much they cost. RM 10-ish / US$3-ish per meal)

Turns out, the items do tally with the bill, and my price estimation was correct. Which brings us back to what I said in the beginning.

“My god, how did you acquire these skills? You are even more auntie than all the ladies that you call aunties!

I think I can call you the grocery king!” she said to me.

Well… thanks… I guess…


  1. hmmm, i guess you used to buy all those stuffs and more or less you know what you need and how much the total huh?? if you are the “Grocery King”, then i think i am “Grocery Uncle”.. cos i always compare the price and check roughly on the receipt especially if the amount is a lot different from what i have roughly summed up.. 🙂

    • Haha, you are totally opposite from me! Yes, I buy the same things over and over again, I more or less know their prices already. Unless when Najib announces petrol price hike again, then I will be stumped for awhile.

  2. So you cook your own dinners! Maybe you can write more cooking posts. This friend of yours must be a very dear friend to talk so freely to you. So are you surprised to see a dear friend turned this way after marriage or was she already like this bit you did not know it. Is she around your age?

    • You could be right, I never did do grocery shopping with her before. But I never noticed her being too particular with the bill when we used to hangout on meals, karaoke and whatnot. Yes she is around my age, and a very dear friend (I don’t have very many of these). All my female friends are either happily married with kids, happily married, or going to be married soon. Gosh.. that sounds so depressing to me.

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