Fetus Education

I had no plans to come back to KL this weekend, but the auntie offered to foot the petrol and toll costs for one way if I drive her home. That means I get to go home for the weekend at 50% discount. Why not, right? WRONG! There was a nasty catch to this good deal!

So we first went for breakfast, and then headed out of the island. Halfway through the new Second Penang Bridge, the auntie asked: “What songs do you have in your USB drive?”

Lady Antebellum, Maroon 5, Usher, OneRepublic, Nicholas Tse, Eason Chan, Ylvis, etc

What? No! You can’t play these songs!

What? Why not?! What do you expect to listen to for the next 4 hours?? The radio doesn’t work, the frequency will keep changing as we move!

No no no! I need to provide the right fetus education to my baby! These songs will make my baby grow up to be a rocker!

So she unplugged my USB drive, and plugged in her iPad to the AUX port of my car’s audio player. For the next 4 hours and 360km / 220 miles, my playlist consisted of a grand total of 2 songs. Which 2 songs?

It was by far the most torturous drive I have ever done. 4 hours of repetition after repetition after repetition after repetition x 100… I had to constantly fight the urge to fall asleep. I barely made it with a whole stick of Mentos Strong Mint.

Previously I had an experience making the drive with a couple and their almost 2 years old baby girl. I had to turn off the audio player completely to encourage the baby to fall asleep. But when she was awake, I was rewarded with random comments like: “Mommy, see! Big truck! Big truck! Trees! Trees!”. And when we arrived, she waved goodbye to me with a flying kiss (heart meltsss). The experience was not nearly as horrible.

Back to me and the auntie. We did spend like 30 minutes debating on the educational properties of both my Ylvis songs. Why the hell are they banned from fetus education?? The Fox, I think they are the modern age Old Macdonald song. Isn’t it?

Dog goes woof, cat goes meow, bird goes tweet and mouse goes squeak“… It’s the same as Old Macdonald song!

And then Stonehenge, it tells us a few facts about this ancient relic, the song is educational!

If kids today can play with iPads, why can’t their educational songs be updated as well, right? Right??

But no, she just brushed me off and spent her time marveling at the great festive season traffic jam. It was her first time witnessing a 300km stretch of traffic jam that starts from Taiping all the way to KL.

On a more serious note, do you know that Ylvis has their own TV show in their home country Norway? It is called I kveld med YLVIS (Tonight with YLVIS). It’s basically a talk show with lots of pranks being carried out by the comedian duo. You can catch some of their videos on Youtube, they are quite funny.


    • Apart from the actual hands on of feeding / changing diapers, I think I am quite theory rich with baby handling from watching and listening to my friends’ stories 😀

  1. P.S.
    I love that song – Ylvis The Fox (What does the fox say)!!! Told my daughter that would be a great song to teach her primary school kids animal sounds!

    • Right?? And the kids will love it! For sure they will remember Ylvis much better than Old Macdonald!

  2. Gosh!!! The balik kampung traffic was THAT bad???? Oh me oh my! Thank goodness we do not have that here – maybe some congestion in the town centre over Chinese New Year and other Chinese festivals and long weekends…but nothing that terrible.

    • Every year’s Hari Raya and Chinese New Year, it is a guaranteed sight. I suspect we have the world’s second longest traffic jam during festive seasons, first being China.

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