Family Day @ Midvalley

It’s World Cup Final weekend, and since Monday is public holiday for Penang (or is it nationwide?), I made the 3 hours fast and furious 4.5 hours relaxing drive back to KL for the weekend. It has been awhile that the whole family is free, so today we went for a family dim sum brunch gathering.

Location was The Han Room 汉城酒家 in The Gardens, Midvalley. We were sort of late-ish, we arrived at the late hours of 10.30AM. Their main kitchen/dining area was full, so we were ushered to their secondary dining area.

Have I mentioned that I am a lousy food blogger? Unlike all the wonderful foodie blogger out there, whenever I see food in front of me, I will start to dig in and then halfway through eating, I would belatedly realize that I need to take photos. It is usually too late by then.

I tried to make an effort today, for the sake of my improved, self domain-ed blog. It worked for the first servings that we took.

20140713_104951 20140713_105836

For those of you who know me, you would by now know that I am going to take another potshot at Penang food. And you are right, I am going to. You see, I have a very deep rooted opinion that some of the Penangites’ claims that their version of certain delicacies are the best, are utter bollocks.

Dim sum is one such delicacy. I have been in Penang for 6 years now, and I have never found any dim sum outlet in Penang that makes me impressed. I guess my main peeve is the sheer size, or lack of size in the pieces that they make.

My measurement yardstick is the siew mai 烧卖. Look at this picture. This is the proper size of a siew mai.


In Penang, they’d make 2 siew mai out of this. In fact my friends would know that I always said Penang’s dim sum pieces have the size of a nose dig, 鼻屎粒咁细 (Cantonese). They love to argue that the small size ensures you get to order and eat more variety of dim sum, making the experience more enjoyable. Rubbish talk! The only dim sum that is enjoyable is a properly sized one, that will fill your whole mouth with warmth, rather than a tiny weensy one that left you half fulfilled. A lot of slightly satisfied is not comparable to a few super satisfied. End of story.

As I mentioned, my photo taking effort worked well for the first serving. Next thing I know,


Okay, anyway, let’s move on. No point harping on things that have already passed, is there?

We went for a walk around Midvalley Megamall after that. The Gardens was not so civilian friendly, with all those LV, Gucci, Hermes etc after all. It is in this walk that made me realize, Malaysians are not as poor as we claim we are. At least the ones in the cities.

I mean, we complain and complain about rising food prices, rising petrol prices, GST and whatnot, but every weekend, many still come out to the malls and try to enjoy ourselves. Instead of seeing these trips as a luxury, it has now become like a necessity.


Even if nobody buys anything, having a meal or two here, on top of parking fees, could easily cost a couple RM50 or a family RM100 per trip. It doesn’t matter how you counter this comment, the fact is, Utusan and RTM will capture scenes like the one I just showed and go brainwash those rural folks that might not know better. Orang-orang bandar tu semua kaya-raya, kita nak ambik wang dia orang tu bagi kat orang-orang kampung ni.

If you ask me, I would suggest everyone that works in the big cities to cut back on weekend escapades to the malls, put the money saved in a piggy bank or something, and on and off bring those money back to the hometowns, give the money to your parents/family,  and spend the there, directly on the rural economy.

But, don’t think that’s gonna happen. So, BN will continue to rip us off and give peanuts handouts to the villagers to brainwash them. Life goes on.

It’s the month of Ramadan, Hari Raya is coming soon, so naturally there’s some serious deco going on in the big malls.

And there’s some setup scattered around the mall displaying traditional Malay folk games. This one below is called Gasing (top spinning). I used to play them in school, those good old days 😉


While my mom and sis was spending their own sweet time inside Zara and Mango and dad was sitting on a bench, I loitered around and discovered Mr Tony Fernandes’ F1 team display. Caterham F1, ex Team Lotus.


I spent 20 minutes standing on the same spot waiting to get this clear shot. Kids and parents have been hijacking on and off at the side.

I got my shot, the ladies got their clothes, everyone happy. So we came home, and now I’m blogging. 😉


  1. marvellous….
    I mean the race car shot.
    there’s one thing called shopping therapy…ppl find pleasure to spend their hard-earned money…
    but that doesn’t applies to me. I prefer eating-therapy…wuahahaha!

  2. I love the Penang dim sum at the Sungai Nibong there.. if not mistaken, it is called Maxim.. their fried rice and noodles are tasty too but they are only done around 11am… I don’t mind small siew mai-s, smaller ones means I can take in more of other varieties! 🙂
    Coming back to KL, I love the roasted pork served in these restaurants.. very nicely lined up and I can pop in one after another… oh gosh.. cholesterol!!!

    • Maybe my mouth is big, that’s why small siew mais are a big NO NO to me 🙁 . Yeah, Maxim is one of the better ones that I have had in Penang. I actually had a secret spot for dim sum in Sungai Ara that trumps even Maxim, but they closed shop last year due to lack of business. I guess my taste is just different compared to the locals here 🙁

  3. MV is a place i would try to avoid during holidays, always so packed with people.. have been to this Han’s Room twice, the food not bad at all.. once was company lunch, and another time a friend’s treat, haha!! and okaylah, you took the food photo halfway and after, at least got something to show also.. many times i don’t even think of taking photos!! 😀

    • Actually I generally avoid the malls when I go back to KL nowadays. In fact I try to avoid the city area altogether. My friends are all in Cheras/Ampang area, so we usually hang out close to home.

  4. Monday is a public holiday only in Penang.

    Usually people can’t wait for photos to be taken of food. They are too hungry to wait so I just take the photo of my own food.

    Dim Sum at Han Room is considered near to fine dining dim sum for the prices. Cannot compare with dim sum in Penang like those found in Maxim, Penang. I find Maxim’s dim sum, quite good for its prices.

    Hope you enjoy your time in KL with your family!

    • Nope, I am comparing in general, just that coincidentally today’s occasion is Han Room 😛
      I suppose you can say that I am biased, I probably exaggerated 50% or more LOL. Tried Maxim too, not that impressed too, but yup, if in Penang, that’s the best that I have tried so far.
      I guess I am just pissed that Penangites in general (stereotyping alert) are like Italians when it comes to food. “If it is not from my hometown, then it is not the best” mentality. That’s why I always set high expectations when trying out new eateries in Penang, and always end up with “What? So this is it? The super best XXX in Malaysia? Is this a joke?”
      Maybe I will next blog about all my peeves about Penang food scene 😉

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