Donating to Smokey Tours Manila

Remember the link that I shared on Facebook about the slums in Manila a couple days ago? Some of you asked me if we can make any donations to them remotely, and I said, I don’t know? Well, I know now. I did it. Done deal. I just donated 25 Euros to Smokey Tours last night. That’s RM112+. It’s not much, but it’s the heart that counts, right?


Okay, to make the donation, just click on the link I shared above, you will get to their website. Just scroll down a bit and you will see the donation section. Clicking Donate Now will bring you to JOHO’s donation website. Or if you are lazy to read through their cause, you can go straight to the donation page.

Apparently they are a Dutch based organisation or something, but they are the one that manages the donation. You can select different type and amount of donations based on your fancy. Make your own judgement please.

I’m not going to lie, I originally did not plan for my money to be spent like this. I was going to go for a new smartphone. The mi3 phone to be exact. But Xiaomi has been giving me (and many others) disappointment after disappointment.


This is their third (or fourth) time replenish their stock, and knowing that the response is so damn good, instead of being better prepared with more stocks, they chose to replenish bit by bit again and again, toying with our patience and emotions over and over again.

Screw it, if you don’t want my money, then I will take my money elsewhere where it will be appreciated. Like donating for the better cause of helping the poor in Manila.

The thing is, I feel very glad that I made that donation. In fact, I think I would not be as happy as I am now had I been successful in buying the phone. Maybe it is because with age, comes wisdom. You see, if I had bought the phone, I would have been happy playing with the new toy for maybe 2 weeks, and they the happiness will be gone and it will just be another phone. Now though, I know that however tiny my donation is, it will somehow help make a difference in the lives of people who really need the help. Knowing that my donation could either end up making 50 or 100 hungry stomachs go full for a day or two, or help buying school books for poor kids, or even save lives of a few sick people, this is a very powerful memory, or legacy if you would, that will follow me for the rest of my life. So yeah, money well spent.

No doubt after I make this post, there will be people who then ask me: why help the foreigners? There are a lot of poor people who need help in Malaysia too? All I can say is that, this is just a matter of timing. I had set aside a small chunk of money, and somehow this Smokey Tours thing appear in front of me. I believe it is fated. So why not? And I think poor people deserves help regardless of race, religion and nationality. We can’t help all the poor in the world, we can only help what we can see, as best as we can, no?

Actually the phone would cost RM769, minus the 25 Euros I actually still have RM650. I will probably give it to my mom when I go home next week. Or if any of you has other deserving charitable organisations that you think needs my money, feel free to drop a comment below or just let me know in private as usual.

My mom might not be happy though if that happens though, LOL


  1. Good for you for donating to the slums in Manila. Does not matter who you donate to as long as you feel good about it and someone else benefitted from it.

    P/S Thank you for leaving a comment for my post. Having canteen food prevents havinga headache from thinking of where to go for lunch and what to eat. 🙂

    • Thanks for commenting back 🙂 . Exactly, the most important thing is someone tastes the benefit of it.

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