Bring back CantoPop!

The most important skill that I have acquired in my 6 years working experience is not programming in C#, advanced instrumentation control, or work politics. It is the ability to suppress my laughter when watching a funny video on Youtube while in my cubicle. I can proudly declare that I have watched hundreds of funny videos at work with a dead serious face, without failure.

That 100% success rate is destroyed today… Halfway through this video I just burst out laughing in tears… that Bugger was the trigger!

I know, I know, this is an old video and I am a Jakun (literal meaning: aboriginal people of Malaysia; used widely to describe outdated people) for not discovering this video much much earlier.

Malay language tips for the non-Malaysians:

  1. Tak boleh pakai – No can use (unreliable, incompetent)
  2. Hutang PTPTN – Owe money to PTPTN (A college/university loan operated by the Malaysian Government)
  3. Selamat pagi – Good morning

By the way, this is a parody of an awesome Cantonese song by Beyond. Here’s the original version:

I feel you, bro Douglas. I’m not too into Korean Pop, and I miss the good old days of Cantopop days too, sighs…

You know the first cassette that I had when my parents bought me a walkman for scoring full marks in every subject in my school exam, many many years ago? Click here to find out more about what is cassette and walkman if you don’t know what it is.

Unfortunately, I think the Hong Kong music industry has itself to blame. After Eason Chan, I just don’t see any newer generation Hong Kong singers that can give us the WOW factor like how the Four Heavenly Kings used to. The so called New Four Heavenly Kings, Newer Four Heavenly Kings, they just don’t cut it.

I think the main problem is that the Hong Kong artists just don’t work hard enough. I’m not saying they don’t work hard, just not hard enough compared to their Korean / Japanese counterparts. You know how the Koreans all go through 2 to 3 years intensive training before they are allowed to even attempt to release their debut single? The Hongkies, much like the Malaysians, can release a full album immediately after they won a singing competition. And if you noticed, since 5 or 10 years ago, all the HK entertainment shows are just mimics of some other Korean or Japanese shows. How can you expect to compete if all you can do is just copying what others are doing?

Having said that, I still really hope we can see a revival of Cantopop, if not now then some time in the future before I die.


  1. The old canto pop was so good that my American classmate asked me to play them everyday! He loved Alan Tam.
    What has gone wrong with the newer groups? Everyone turns to KBS channels nowadays.

    • What I can feel is that the newer generation lacks creativity and effort compared to the Koreans. They try to copy the Koreans instead of focusing on their own strengths, and then they don’t train and work as hard as the Koreans do, so what they serve up are lousy.

  2. I like Douglas Lim. He went on a government scholarship to study to be an English teacher in the UK and when he came back, he decided to go into show biz instead. Been following his acts on youtube – love all his other parodies like Babi babi u, Some Melayu….Simply the best. He’s really good!

    • Nowadays he’s with MACC, with Kuah Jenhan and a bunch of other comedians right? I hope they become famous internationally.

    • It really is funny! And apparently he sang this in a show in Straights Quay in Penang. Not sure how I missed it 🙁

  3. Revival of Cantopop? Now no cantopop meh?

    Wow, you are so lucky. Can watch funny youtube clips in the office!

    • LOL not all the time lah, just once in a while when I feel too stressed out and noticed someone sharing funny titled videos.

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