I Have Been To China Before!

I was telling a colleague (who shall of course remain anonymous) a couple weeks ago that I have been to China before, Beijing as a 7 years old kid, and Guangzhou as a 14 years old teenager. I forgot the actual content of our debate, it was sort of random, but the point is, somehow he was convinced that I was lying and challenged me to show him proof. I do remember that he declared “If you can show me photos of me in Guangzhou at least, I will donate RM 500 to World Vision!

“What if I not only show you the photos, but blog about it, complete with storytelling?”

Then I’ll double up and donate RM 1000!

Well, guess what?

Challenge Accepted!

I was 14 years old, 14 years ago. So the Guangzhou trip happened in the year 2000. Back then, there was no such thing as digital camera and Kodak was still very much alive. The photos that we took were stored in film cartridges and we would get them printed in the photo shops.

I remember I had a bunch of photos, and I created a sort of diary book with those photos. So the first thing I did when I reached home today was to scour my drawers for that scrapbook.

Guangzhou scrapbook
Ahha! Still intact!

So, dude, if you are reading this, please get your money ready. RM 1000, remember? I’ll give you a week or two to prepare. After all, I need to go through this book again and see how much my brain can remember and make up the things that I don’t remember. And then I need to convert this book into JPG format. And then I need to prepare the blog posts and actually post them. You can donate the money after I complete all my posts.

Think on the bright side, you’ll get to see how the 14 years old me look like 😉


  1. Haha so… did he cough up the money? Great way to make a few extra dollar! I need to go back to China, some people love it and some people hate it. Then there are people who love and hate it at once – I’m one of those people! (But I still love it more than I hate it!)

    • He did. But those dollars went to World Vision, I didn’t make anything other than satisfaction for getting someone to donate money for a good cause 😀

    • Nah, he’s rich. He regularly donates to various charitable foundations. Just assume he earmarked World Vision this time around 🙂

  2. It is mind boggling why he would want to doubt that you have been to China when 7 years and 14 years old. Just don’t understand why he doubt you and would wager so much money on it. Good for charity but still… why doubt you?

    I have been to Taiwan when I was just 6 months old. I have been to Beijing, Shanghai, Hang Zhou too (when I was older la).

    • I think it’s partly due to booze. We might have had a few beers and we were trash talking each other’s traveling credentials (he’s traveled widely in Asia, but never to Europe and America). It has something to do with xiao long bao. I think I sort of said xiao long bao originated from Guangzhou, among many other things, and next thing we know, he made the challenge.
      Don’t worry about his money, he’s rich and has been frequently charitable with or without this challenge anyway 😉

  3. Commenting from my phone so a bit hard to type.. Off from work til Wednesday.. Wah I wish your colleague ask me to prove my trip to Guangzhou too, and the money goes to me, haha.. I’ve been to Foshan 😉

    • We did have a couple of beers and was trash talking each other before we ended up with this. I’ve been to Foshan too, plus a few other places 😉

    • LOL he’s gonna donate those money to World Vision. I don’t actually get any richer in terms of money 😛

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