There is only ONE big club in North London

I know, this season, those kids from White Hart Lane allowed themselves to be deluded with the notion that their time has come to shed off the “noisy neighbour” tag and replace the Gunners as the big club in North London…

Sadly for them kids, that is exactly what it was, a notion. It’s been a good dream to you guys for the past few months, but it is time to wake up…

Don’t worry though, you are still in front of the billionaire toy called Chelski. They just replaced a manager that won a top flight treble last season with someone who was sacked by West Brom, just because the old fags that was supposed to be phased out played up a fuss. So, with a bit of luck, you might be able to remain in front of them come May.

(PS: you do need your big mouth manager to learn how to shut the fuck up though, he’s been joking about Eden Hazard wants to go to you guys, c’mon lah, stop spewing crap, old man… And he’s been talking up his prospects as the new England manager and the players won’t give a shit about it. I hope that is not true, I hope he stays for a few more years and keep bleeding you dry until you end up in administration and in the Championship, just like Portsmouth).

I do hope that you guys will play out to a draw tonight, though… I wouldn’t mind if Torres and and Adebayor each scores a hat-trick… fingers crossed…


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