20Cents: Breakfast dates @ still unofficial

There was no official first date. After the unofficial 1st date, it continued to be unofficial.. unofficial 2nd date, 3rd date, 4th date, and so on… in fact, there’s not really an official 1st date at all…

They were not rich kids, and both are the type that are well aware that their pocket money doesn’t come from the taps.

But there was no denying it, he felt good to be with her, and she felt good to be with him. So, after the pizza encounter, they begin calling each other quite frequently. Sometimes they would go “dating”…

A typical “dating” invitation would sound like this:

*8.00am in the morning, ringg ringgg~~*


Bun Bun, jou gan mie (doing what)?”

“Waiting for your phone call lo”

“Wah! You know I wanna call you today ah? 心有灵犀 sum yao ling sai-nya~ I have to belanja you breakfast liao”



Leong Kok Gor Gor! Wan breakfast mou? My family went out, me nothing to eat at home~”

“I got thing to eat at home wor…”

“. . . . . .”

“. . . . . .”

“Teman me can anot??!! >.<"

“Ok la ok la~ let’s go la, hahahaha”

So off they went… off they went….

To where?

It’s a food court near their homes, within walking distance, and, it has the best 猪肉粉 pork noodles stall in town…

So it’s pretty obvious that they’d have pork noodles there. A large pork hor fun-mee hoon, RM4.00, and yeah, they’d share the same bowl, the same pair of chopsticks, the same spoon. No hold hands yet, no hug waist yet, not quite there yet.. just almost…

But then, if you look at it in a different way, they were doing the kiss indirectly already..

And they’d have 2 egg tarts to top it off, 1 each, just because the egg tarts were freshly baked and tasted like heaven.

It was like this all the time, same food court, same time, same food. It cost less than RM10 for 2 person, inclusive of drinks, but it was happy times, having nice, down to earth food; it was nice being cosy and being in the company of each other. It was almost better than going to the movies or window shopping..

And that’s how they got on for quite some time…

to be continued…


  1. "kiss indirectly’ nabeh ..u desperate. but hardcore sweet! sometimes the simplest things brings out the most sincere blissfulness…

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